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I'm using Thunderbird, and I want to alter it's behaviour. Several "features" are really starting to annoy me, and I'd like to be able to turn them off.

1] Sometimes I email myself from work, via my Gmail account. I will send an email from to It's just things like "pick up the milk", "get the cat in", etc. Thunderbird picks them up, then Gmail archives them. But Thunderbird always thinks these messages are Junk, and flags them as such. How can I stop it from doing this?

2] Every time I get an email from someone not in my Address Book (apparently), Thunderbird blocks the pictures. To get the pictures to show, I have to save the email address to my address book. How do I turn this functionality off, so images are displayed by default?

3] Sometimes, when I get an email from my credit card company, telling me that a payment has been sent to my account, Thunderbird decides that this message is an email scam. It sometimes thinks that my ebay "favourite searches" are scams too. They're not. They never are, and I've been on the internet long enough to be able to tell the difference between a scam and a legitimate email. How do I disable the "email scam" warning?

I'm on Windows, if that makes any difference.
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Best answer: 1. Did you add yourself to your own address book? I think it works as a whitelist for junk. Note: You have to turn on this functionality in Account Settings under Junk Settings.

2. Can be changed using Config Editor. More here. Let me know if you have trouble. Just so you know, allowing remote images allows spammers to know that an address is real due to tracking images.

3. Turn off scam detection: Tools > Options > Privacy > Email Scams. Uncheck the box. Beware of phishing. Some emails look pretty realistic.
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For both 1 and 3, are you clicking the small "This is not Junk" button when a useful message is marked as spam? TB should learn to identify what you think is junk properly over time.

In any case, all of these things can be disabled ( although it's generally not advised ) from the various tabs on the Privacy dialog. You get it from Edit->Preferences on my machine, but it might be under Tools->Options on Windows.
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