Specific website images not loading on my internet connection?
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The website toysrus.ca won't load any images on my computer, it's the only site I could find that does this. Even stranger, if I access the site through a proxy, the site loads fine. I also asked friends online to check for me, and the site loads fine for them too. What is going on?
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What browser do you use? Is it possible you have that site on a restricted/unsafe list?
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Response by poster: I tried it through Firefox, IE, and I even tried it on the Wii browser. It looks the same on all three, and no I haven't got it on any restricted list unless it gets put on the list automatically.
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Do you run it through a router? Perhaps there's some sort of restriction rules set on that? (Just trying to think out of the box on this because it seems like a strange problem to have)

Have you also tried flushing your cache, cookies, etc?
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Response by poster: I am running it through a router, but the site was always working fine before.

I did try clearing all my internet settings: cache, cookies, history, etc. I still won't load properly.
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I had a similar problem once, except that every few days another site would stop working. Did you try turning your router and modem on and off? I think that's what eventually fixed it for me.
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Your link is borked. Should go here. Get a mod to remove the Ask MetaFilter prefix. Try right clicking where the images should be, and see if "Block images from..." is checked.
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Response by poster: I tried that, but the option for blocking images is not checked.
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Response by poster: I also tried turning the modem on/off, nothing. I checked my router settings, there are no filters being applied, same for my firewall settings.
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They use a separate domain for the images, so chances are you can't resolve the DNS for toyca.fusionapps.net . See if they appear when you use OpenDNS.
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When this has happened to me before, ZoneAlarm was the culprit. It was blocking images it thought were banner ads.
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Huh. I clicked your link, and none of the images loaded. Then I refreshed the page, and they did. So... maybe try that?
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