A shameful question about movie sex scenes
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How to find an 'as seen on tv' compendium of sex scenes from mainstream movies

First, yes, I am ashamed that I'm asking this question!

A few years ago (perhaps during the heyday of 'Girls Gone Wild'), I saw an infomercial on late night (non-cable) tv for a video collection (one video or dvd, I think) of sex scenes (and maybe nude scenes) from mainstream movies featuring 'all the hottest stars!' I can't remember any particular scene or celebrity, but a lot of them were from the 1990s, I think. I can't remember much more about the collection, but does such a video compendium of mainstream movie scenes ring a bell with anyone? (Sadly,) I'm interested in tracking down the collection. I'd be interested in the name of the video, links to stores to search, other more 'appropriate' forums to pose the question, or better search terms than what I have been using (celebrity, "sex scenes", television, movies, "as seen on tv", collection). This wasn't porn. They were mainstream movies.
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It sounds like it might be something Mr. Skin-related.
posted by dhammond at 9:22 PM on September 8, 2007

There was a recent FPP about the 50 greatest movie sex scenes of all time.
posted by Poolio at 9:26 PM on September 8, 2007

I remember the ad - you're not crazy. It prominently featured Phoebe Cates getting out of a pool. (I don't know where to find it, though)
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Here are two videos listed on IMDB that list Phoebe Cates as appearing in archive footage.
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I'd imagine this was probably a grey-market compilation, as getting the rights to only use the nude scenes from movies would probably prove financially impossible.
posted by softlord at 10:36 PM on September 8, 2007

How about http://www.fleshofthestars.com/ from SuperBad? :)
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