Help us make the most out of our last minute trip to SF!
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Need your assistance with a last minute trip to SAN FRANCISCO for LOVE FEST!

Hi there! I am mighty excited because my close girly friend and I randomly decided to go to SF the last weekend in September for LoveFest! Riding high off of an awesome Burning Man and I am feeling the need for more west coast action.

We will be flying into SF Thursday night (the 27) and leaving Sunday night (the 30). We are, of course, on a budget. The Adelaide Hostel was recommended in a previous thread, but they are booked. Any other suggestions for lodging (that will be near the parade or where we might want to hang out?)

Also, we will have all of Friday and Sunday free. We are two early 20-something chicks who like to shop, eat yummy food, people watch, check out the counter-culture...what should we do/see to have fun and get a feel for the city?

Bonus points for info on the LoveFest Parade and after party, if you know anything about them and can give us a hint on what to expect.

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donlt know where the parade is, but there's a travel lodge on market and some othe cheap motels in the castro that might work for you.
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This week can be bad for hotels, it's convention season.

As far as food:

Eat in the mission, nightlife in the mission is great.
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Consider taking BART or Caltrain, and check out some of the surrounding cities.

If it's like last year, the parade will go up Market St and circle around Civic Center Plaza. I'll (likely) be working with the medical staff again.

There aren't a lot of "budget" hotels in that area, hence the BART suggestion. What's more "SF" than taking public transportation? :)

Are there any folks that you can stay with? No couchsurfing?
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