Who was "Fuller"?
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) lists the following quote under the lap entry:

If he cuts off but a lap of truth's garment, his heart smites him. --Fuller.

What's this author's full name, and can someone give me some links to information about him/her? Even amazon's "search in book" isn't of much help. Also, in general: How do you find the full name of an author listed in the omnipresent web1913? Is there a bibliography somewhere that hasn't spread quite as far as the definitions?

And while we're at it: I'm considering reading the author in question if I can track him down. If you're familiar with his works, could you recommend this (or against it?). I don't mind the older writing style and often appreciate the poetic quality of the writings that are generally referenced in web1913.
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Well, I did a google search using the terms "Fuller quotation," and the various results make me suspect that this may be the guy.
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A lot of times I'll go to the online Bartlett's quotations to look up authors since the version of Bartlett's is from 1919. A quick search seems to confirm JanetLand's suspicions.
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Thanks, that's very helpful, both of you. Interesting choice of keywords JanetLand, hadn't thought of that.
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