The perfect iPhone headset?
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Does the perfect iPhone headset exist yet? Has it been announced? Specific definition of "perfect" inside the thread.

Obviously this is a "Waaah, I want everything to be just right" post, so be prepared to play along. Sometimes I feel guilty putting this much effort into the search for what is essentially a frivolous luxury product, but whatevs.

I use Shure e2c earbuds, and my pair were going on the fritz and near death. I'm completely spoiled for their sound quality, though, so since this pair was already about to conk out, I sliced the plastic around the jack off so that they'll plug into the stupid, stupid recessed headphone port. Problem solved, for the three further weeks they lasted before dying. (I find the Shures wear out after a little over a year of use, but I can deal with that, since I use them hard -- I wear them to the gym, running, outdoors in NYC winters, etc. -- not the kinds of things that carefully engineered earbuds are expected to live through.)

So. Time to replace them. But in a perfect world, I wouldn't give up the iPhone headset's microphone and music/call controls in order to get dramatically improved sound. Shure makes headsets for the Treo, but they haven't released an iPhone version that I know about -- just an adapter, which doubles the length of the headphone cord and is therefore not even close to acceptable for my purposes. The V-Moda duo hypes its iPhone compatibility, but it doesn't have call-answering functions. Has any manufacturer of high-quality in-ear headphones (it's the in-ear that's key, I can't stand the amount of sound that leaks in around Apple's buds) announced a full-featured iPhone headset yet? Is there even (gasp) one already for sale somewhere? I'm willing to pay around $150 for this, since Shure e2cs alone cost a little under a hundred.
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So, if I understand correctly, the only problem with the Shure Treo headset is that the cord is too long? Maybe you could just get some kind of cord winder or something.
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These guys are selling Etymotic ER-6i's with the Apple microphone/button cable grafted on. Sounds like exactly what you want -- I know it's exactly what I want.
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Response by poster: My assumption is that the Treo headset doesn't work with the iPhone -- wouldn't the software controls for music pause/play, call answer, etc. be incompatible?
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You want the Shure MPA for iPhone. It adds the mic and other features to your Shure buds, and the cord length is perfect and of course it plugs right into the iPhone jack. Problem: everyone else wants it too, so you'll have to wait or pay extra on ebay.
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Sorry, on re-reading the question it looks like you know about the MPA, but don't want it because of cord length issues. Check out the new Shures that have replaced your e2cs, though. Shure now ships its buds on a very short cord with an extender -- I think all of the "hundred" series that have replaced the "e_c" series are like that, so check it out.
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I have a set of e500's which I'm currently using with the MPA.

The headphones themselves have a plug/jack right at the neckline, and then the MPA is only slightly longer than the stock extension cable.

The only drawback to the MPA is that the mic/switch is HUGE compared to the iPhone earbud widget.

It doesn't really bother me that much, I have been tucking the wire down my shirt and clipping the mic/switch at my collar.
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I had read somewhere (on I think) that v-moda was going to add the button to the vibe duos. they haven't yet, but it might be worth e-mailing and asking?
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I'm not aware of a perfect solution apart from those Etymotics, which are too expensive for my eagerly anticipated $100 Apple Store credit. My favorite earphone is actually the Apple In-Ear Earphone + the Shure foam sleeve, which is cheap, durable, and (to my ears) almost as good quality as the e2c. I'm waiting for an in-ear earphone from Apple with a mic built in.
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I had read somewhere (on I think) that v-moda was going to add the button to the vibe duos.

They have added the button in-line now on the v-moda vibe duos.
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