Looking for a personal CD / MP3 player
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I hate seeing this type of 'advertise-me-a-product' question, but I'm completely in the dark and a bit of a luddite in this area: can anyone recommend a decent personal CD player, specifically one that can play mp3 CD-Rs?

The budget is £85 absolute maximum, and I don't mind getting a pair of decent cans. Would appreciate good volume capacity and a decent capacity for bass. Thanks in advance and all that.
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Anything on this page has my complete and total endorsement.

Good headphones will help, though. As will a portable headphone amplifier, if you can justify the purchase.
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Second Jairus.
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AFAIK all iRiver players come with Sennheiser earbuds, which are about as good as earbuds can get (I have a pair, they're pretty bearable). If you want something a little better, the Koss KSC-35/50/55 and Sennheiser PX100 are nicely-priced headphones that sound great.
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These two earbuds by Etymotic Research sound better than some monitor headphones, to my ears. But almost all other earbuds are pretty crappy, as zsazsa says.
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iRiver's the shit. I have an 350 and it's fantastic. I recommend hitting eBay to save some bucks. I never managed to make mine skip no matter how hard I tried.
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Personally, I can go to Best Buy and see more than one MP3CDR-supporting discman for under $40.
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(not that you want a lowish-end player, all I'm saying is you're pretty much guaranteed MP3 support so don't worry about that)
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(Consider, by the way, that you shouldn't be buying that fancy of a CD player if you're playing 128kbps MP3s - anything above, say, $50, you're probably only gonna be able to really hear the difference with uncompressed audio and good headphones)
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If you can find one, I've coveted a RioVolt SP250 for a rather long time. Not only does it play MP3 CDs, but standard audio CDs, Windows Media Audio, and has an integrated FM tuner. Reviews are largely positive, but it may be discontinued.
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(Just FYI, Rio's Volt line are rebranded iRiver models.)
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(I just think all posts from now on should be in parens with no end punctuation)
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