Good places for writers to hang-out
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Good places for writers to hang-out online?

I'm a former journalist and now full-time writer working on her first novel. I'm looking for a good community where other writers hang-out online, preferably those working commercially (or who, like me, have the intention to become professional). Somewhere I can chew the fat, discuss technique or find some other way to avoid actually doing any writing.

PLEASE NOTE: Anybody can do a Google search. I'm looking for personal recommendations.
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Best answer: A writer friend spends a lot of time on Metaxucafe. Not exactly a personal recommendation (not a writer myself), but my friend is a writer working on his first novel.
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Best answer: Two spots I have lurked, each with their own feel:
- Literature + Latte forums, with procrastination found mostly in the "Writers" and "Coffee" sections
- Mediabistro forums
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Best answer: I recommend Forward Motion. I think they might be just what you're looking for, since, as they say in their mission statement, "Forward Motion's core purpose is to help writers become professionally published."

I've spent many years both participating in discussions and lurking on the boards there. Overall they're a highly professional and focused group of people. And they definitely helped me in moving from being a beginning writer with no clue, to being an aspiring author with several novels in various stages of progress.
posted by snowleopard at 11:33 AM on September 8, 2007 [1 favorite] The site unfortunately uses webcrossing, and has had to ask for subscriptions, but it has a great reader & writer community.
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