I Will Give You Ahhhht!
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I'm looking for a funny commercial--it was something about web design, or designers, and it was a series of scenes from the client's perspective, shot from behind a desk, and the web designers were presenting their proposals for the client's site.

The entire commercial is filmed with the point of view from the client's desk. Each design team is pointing or gesturing at a laptop.

The voice over says something about, "Not all web designers are alike. Choosing the right designer can be difficult."

The first design team is a pair or stereotypical nerd developers with glasses, describing their proposal:
"...In addition to building more server-side apps and static HTML pages, we'll be using both dHTML and xHTML along with PHP and CSS to provide dynamic user-driven content..."
(pointing with pencils at laptop screen)

Cut to the second designer, a guy in a black turtleneck:
"I will give you ahhhht!" in a fake-sounding accent.
("Voila!" hand gesture around laptop screen)

Cut to the third designer, a guy with a crew cut in a t-shirt, black pants, and combat boots, slam-dancing in the middle of the room.
(No dialogue, just loud thrash music)

Voiceover: "We'll help you build the site that's right for you. (Name of company). (Slogan.)

Does this sound familiar? The commercial aired in the late 90s or early 2000, during the dot-com heyday. Anyone?
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Xerox is floating up in my brain.
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