How do we present a showcase for a band?
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Our band is doing a private showcase for a label and management. What do we do?

This is not for a major but an important step nonetheless. It's in a a space designed specifically for this purpose so venue is not an issue. Do we provide food, beverage or is all of that waste of time? Aside from our standard promotional pack, would chotchkies be out of order? Any insight/personal experiences/thoughts would be appreciated.
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Best answer: Coming from the label and management world I've been to a few of these (never performed at one though). Food and/or drink would be nice, but its not a make it or break it item. My best suggestion - and not to sound contrite - is to play your hearts out. A grreat band can play as good of a show to a room of 2 people as a stadium. What they really want to see is your chemistry and energy on stage. How you talk to them before/after. Ask you questions on what you're looking to achieve. That kind of stuff. But its the live performance that'll matter the most.
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Response by poster: Thanks Tundro. That is very helpful. There seems to be a lot of stress over the showcase in general rather than the performance itself which, as you stated, needs to be the focus. I appreciate your answer.
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This might sound cliche, but play like you would if the place was packed.
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Depends on what you mean by chotchkies. Band-related merch might be appropriate to have at hand, especially what (if any) you sell at regular shows.

And as tundro said. Personally, I feel that it's never a waste of time to be hospitable to anyone, which to me would mean drinks you expect less than an hour with them, and eats if much longer.

Have fun, smile, show interest in their company. Look them in the eye and if you really want to work with them do not think of them as "an important step" to someplace else.
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Be aware: this answer is based on absolutely no experience with this kind of showcase, so take it for what it's worth.

Have some drinks available-- be generally hospitable. But I wouldn't spend any time putting together a gift bag or tchotchkies. If you have merch that you already sell, bring some items. But ultimately, you're there to convince them to invest money and time into the band. And that's about the music and performance.
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Response by poster: Great answers so far! We are a little perplexed about one idea: inviting people in addition to who is already there (to generate excitement, support, etc.. I've been told we can do this but is it a good move? I see it hurting more than helping.
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Do invite people if audience interaction or participation is important to the show. You don't need an overzealous peanut gallery, but you also don't want to approach the A&R types like they're a job interview panel. That may be true in a sense, but it's totally the wrong vibe. You're not there to impress the boss. You're there to engage and entertain the people in the room, regardless of who they are.
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You're there to engage and entertain the people in the room, cold beer,wine, nibbles , ihave worked on a few of these and people from the music industry like to drink and eat good luck
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