Farm Aid: To Go or Not To Go?
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Farm Aid: What will I miss by leaving early?

So, I have the opportunity to go to Farm Aid this year, but my good friend is also having an improv class graduation show the same day. I'd really like to be there to support my friend, but also don't want to miss any of the acts I'm gung-ho about seeing. The concert starts at noon and my friend's show starts at 6, meaning we'd have to leave the concert around 5.

For those of you who have attended Farm Aid in the past, do you think I'd be missing most of the major acts by leaving early? Neil Young is definitely a priority.
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We went to FarmAid last year (with our neighbors), and we brought our little ones, thinking, 'oh, it's FarmAid . . . it'll be over early . . . it'll be real kid-friendly . . .' and the like. And it generally was kid-friendly (for a large arena rock show), but we were all surprised to realize that the headliners (Willie, Neil, etc.) weren't going to play until much later than we'd thought. So, we stuck it out . . . and it got darker and darker . . . and some very nice FarmAid folks came out to where we were seated on the lawn and offered us better seats (under the pavilion canopy). I don't think we ended up leaving until like 10 or eleven, and carrying the little ones back out for our ride back up on the light rail.

So, in short, if you leave at five, count on missing Neil. I remember last year's show ending like this: Dave Matthews, then Willie, and then Neil (these sets were each maybe 40 mins?). Of course, each of those guys will *likely* emerge for improv jams with the 'headliners' (unless Dave Matthews spends waaaaayyy too much time in Willie's tour bus again, in which case he'll emerge muttering half-garbled encomia about farm-fresh tomatoes), but you'll probably miss the acts you're looking to catch.

Sorry to bear bad news . . .
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First, Randall's Island is a good place to see a show. If you are driving know that the parking area in the fields turn to dust and it will be quite dusty and dirty so plan on needing to clean up before going to your friend's gig. Second, my mate who works for Red Light Mgt, Dave Matthew's management company who came up to Randall's Island shows the last two years is not coming because he said Dave will be on too late on Sunday for him to fly back in time. So 5 is going to be too early to see the main headliners.
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Yeah, it's been more than 10 years since I went to Farm Aid, but my experience was the same as the other posters'. The bigger the name, the later their set. A friend and I went specifically to see Paul Simon when we were in high school and spent most of the day sweating in Texas Stadium when we could have easily come around dinner time and seen everyone we wanted to see.
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