What video cards should I get?
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I'm looking for recommendations for a couple of video cards. One for an older PC, PCI only, driving a 1680x1050 display. The other for a newish PC driving a 1980x1020 HDTV.

I have two desktops at the moment. Old PC is currently connected to my old 720p TV. New PC is connected to a 22in 1680x1050 LCD display. The video card in each PC is maxed out resolution-wise. I'd like to take the old PC, put a new video card in it, and connect it to my current 22in display. Take the new PC, upgrade the video card, and connect it to the 1920x1080p HDTV that's being shipped to me.

So, are there any PCI cards that will work with my old PC? If so what would you recommend? It doesn't need to be a gaming card, just needs to be able to support the 22in monitor correctly. The card for the new PC also won't be used for gaming, but I want it to handle whatever 1080p video format I throw at it.

I'd like to spend no more than $150 total for both cards. More than that and I figure it's better to just replace the old PC entirely and upgrade only the newer one. I'm willing to buy used/refurbished.

Old PC specs: 512MB RAM, 1.3Ghz Celeron processor, PCI slot for video cards, XP

Newish PC specs: 2GB RAM, 2GHz X2 processor, PCI-E slot for video cards, Vista
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I'd try it without upgrading. especially on LCD monitors, the video card drivers simply won't give you the option to do higher resolutions than the monitor supports. I haven't seen a video card made in the past several years that couldn't support up to 1900x1200. (you might want to install the latest drivers from the company that made the chip onthe card though - so if you have an ATi or nVidia based card, get the drivers from ATi or nVidia.)

any cheap video card should be able to drive up to 1920x1080. just make sure you get a DVI port (some of the really cheap ones only give you VGA). DVI converts to HDMI pretty easily and will give you the ability to drive your monitor at what it's supposed to be driven at. this would probably be fine PCI-card wise, with similar or better fine for PCI-Express card.
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