Recommend event management software, please.
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I am going to be creating a website that tracks events, and I'd like the user experience to be easy and configurable. Can you recommend an event management software?

Someone has already recommended Helios to me, and it looks good, but I don't really know what else is available. I'd like users to be able to search by date, category, keyword, and have the results returned in a pleasant, easy to read format that is linked-up. Can anyone point me to some examples of this type of event management system?

Also, I can hack a Wordpress site pretty well, but I am by no means a super-experienced web coder, so the software should not require extensive coding skills to get started. (I tried cobbling something together with Wordpress and plugins, but was never happy with the results).

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You could try drupal, using the Event module. It shouldn't require a crazy amount of configuration. Categories and free tagging (for keywords) are built in.
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