In search of paper circle supplier.
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Where can I buy large, paper circles? Must be suitable for drawing on with pen, marker and crayon. Large as in 30-32" in diameter. In largish quantities (100-1000 sheets). Bonus points: Although I will always need the blank circles, I may want to eventually buy circles with simple black-and-white graphics printed on them.
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erm... I think you should start by going to an art supply store and asking them about their paper distributor, but you would likely have better luck going to a print shop, like the kind that caters to artists, as they will be more likely to help you.

Out of curiousity, are you covering tabletops with these? That sounds like a great idea for kids.

Now everyone take out a safety pencil and a circle of paper...
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Call up your local caterer or GFS supplier and ask 'em about paper table-covers. They'll have a supplier and you can buy 'em in bulk.
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Response by poster: OldReliable: that's it.
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Best answer: Interesting question; I suspect you will need to get these specially made, it's not a stock item, and it won't be cheap. Rectangular sheets are much more readily available because they are easy to cut and there's no waste. Go to a paper converter that does die-cutting. Such as.
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The only thing that comes to mind for me is "safety pencil."
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Maybe a restaurant supplier?
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