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Help me find a website by a kid with aspergers or autism.

I saw it a while back (I am about 80% sure I saw it on the blue originally) - it's a very basic looking, text-heavy site by a kid with either aspergers or autism that exhaustively detailed his compulsions and obsessions.

Included were descriptions of his dreams (all meticulously categorized by theme), screenshots of a video game he was making, and accounts of slowing down songs to such a low pitch that a 5 or 6 minute song would last for days.

The video game he was making was very primitive looking if I remember correctly - it looked ATARIesque.

I also vaguely remember him rating songs on a scale according to a bafflingly complex formula he created.

Anyone remember this site? It was bizarre and awesome. Help!
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I probably could have formatted this question a little better, but I guess I'll just cross my fingers and wait now.
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Ulillillia City?
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Yup. Thanks!
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