Where to watch the Detroit Lions in NYC/BK?
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Do you know any [insert NFL team here]-centric bars in NYC/BK?

Specifically, I'm looking for a Detroit Lions bar. I mean a bar where the Lions game will always be on the biggest TV, with the sound way up. Usually only the biggest out-of-market teams have such safe havens in NYC (Red Sox, Cowboys, et. al.), unless a particular bar's owner happens to be a die-hard fan. Typically, I find the Lions on the smallest TV in the joint, and I have to try to separate the action on screen from the Jets/Giants audio feed being pumped into the bar, which gives me some mild form of vertigo.

Sadly, I doubt the existence of such a silver and honolulu-blue haven, and this will be more useful to more people if you list any bars that cater to a particular fanbase. For example, there's a bar called Reservoir somewhere downtown that gets a comically-rowdy crowd for every Steelers game. I would love to watch the Lions with a similar group of (sad, embittered) die- hards. It's hard enough to choke down 3 hours of Detroit football every Sunday; it's downright masochistic to do it by one's self.

Bonus points if someone can breakdown the following:

Cost (in American $$$) of the NFL Sunday Ticket package


Cost (in $$$ and calories) of 16 week's worth of pub-priced beer (~4 a game) and appetizers (WINGS).
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I don't have any suggestions but if you find a place, post back with the results.

It's so sad watching my wife cheer for the Lions.
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Motor City Bar on Ludlow (Delancey/Rivington) is as Detroit-themed as its name implies; if I remember correctly the owners are from Detroit. I hate football and forget if they even have a tv, but you should give them a call and ask if they get the game, if they don't then they still might know where you can catch it with other fans.
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Denver Broncos Bar .:

(well, it claims to the be the only official Broncos bar in NYC...)

BUtterfield 8 Restaurant & Lounge

You need to call up and reserve a seat for game day though. 25 dollars to watch the game and that gives you unlimited draft beers and unlimited wings.

I've never been mostly because I think watching a football game in an upscale bar is a form of sacrilege (and the price is a little high since I'm not a big drinker). If they included french fries in the deal, I'd probably break down and go.
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You need to call up and reserve a seat for game day though. 25 dollars to watch the game and that gives you unlimited draft beers and unlimited wings.

If you ask me that's a killer deal; if I was a Broncos fan in NYC I would be all over that -- nevermind that it's in an upscale bar and you don't get fries with that. :-)
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