Dystopic Sci-fi screencaps?
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I'm looking for screen caps of several different dystopic sci-fi movies. Any idea where I should look?
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Response by poster: That approach has not turned up many quality results. I'm hoping for some singular motherload of sci-fi caps. I could imagine some LiveJournal devotee getting on the job, but I haven't found them yet.
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Search various bittorrent/p2p sites for the titles; the posts often include sample screencaps.
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Anything on IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes? It probably won't work so well for older titles, though.
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Local video store - rent movie, download VLC and make your own caps?
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Rent the particular movies from the video store and make the screen caps you need on the computer.
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Nostalgia Party No. 2 is a LiveJournal community devoted to film stills:


I'm not sure how long their archives stick around--most of the stills are hosted on PhotoBucket, it seems--but I bet they have a lot of what you're looking for.
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You could ask on the request board on 4chan.org (nsfw) i have seen several requests for high-res versions of similar movies
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