This is what procrastination will get ya: rust on your paint job.
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AutoFilter: How to remove rust from on *top* of paint?

I had this cool license plate holder that rusted all over my car. The car is 4 years old; the body itself is not rusting. It was just that license plate frame that caused a waterfall of rusty water to run down my car's paint job for a few months, and now I have these kind of, well, rust-colored sheen-streaks on top of the paint.

My google-fu has failed me because all the results deal with rusted out cars, and that's just not my problem.

My dad suggested naval jelly, but he was unsure if that would harm the paint.

I have of course trashed the frame and cleaned the area with a soft sponge. The car is red so this doesn't look like complete crap, but the finish is noticeably, ya know, tainted. Ideas?
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A bit of buffing it with some polishing compound should get it off.
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Yes--cut polish. Toothpaste, in a pinch.
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WD 40 should work. Spray generously, let sit. Wipe vigerously with a soft cloth.
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If it is truly just on top of the paint finish, get a clay bar kit from an auto parts store. It will take anything off the surface of an automotive finish.
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The rust will have embedded itself in your clear coat. You'll need to debraid the clear coat to remove it. I'd start with a clay bar and if that doesn't work move up to a cutting polish. You may not be able to remove all traces of the rust before reaching your base coat, something you want to avoid.

Ixnay on the Navel jelly. Even if it works without damaging your paint you'll just be trading red rust for black rust.
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Response by poster: Hey, never said thanks, all. Life got super-busy but I'm going to go find one of those clay bar kits. Did some googling and that sounds like something good to have around. So, thanks, all. :)
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