How do I watch rugby when I don't even have a tv?
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Where can I catch the Rugby World Cup in or near Oakland?

I'm a huge fan and made it to a number of games in AU during the last world cup. Anyone know where I can see the games? (I have neither a tv nor cable) Anyone in the Bay area want to organize a rugby party?
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Last time the world cup was on, I believe the Mad Dog in the Fog on Haight St showed matches, which were on the Setanta sport channel. I never actually went to one because of the time difference. Perhaps other bars with Setanta will show it too.
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It's a 6am start time, no? I think you may have to head to the Kezar Pub in the City. Give them a call, they often show early games. The only place I can think of in the East Bay is possibly the New Zealander in Alameda.
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Setanta Sports has a venue finder.
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arnicae - I'll wave to you from the stands in Bordeaux and Paris :)
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