Leave Server "Mounted" in Mac's Finder
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MacFilter: Just learned how to connect to a shared drive on a server...how do I leave it in the Finder sidebar even after it's been ejected?

I figured out a way to put an Automated action into the lower half of the sidebar, but I'd prefer to lock the server icon where it is, even when it's unmounted.
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Not sure if you can. Your best bet is to right-click the link on the desktop while it's active and create an alias. Then, at least, you'll have a desktop or Finder shortcut even when it's disconnected.
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Just drag the icon of the server to the sidebar where the Applications and Documents folders are.

It'll create an alias, so that when the disk is unmounted and you click on it, it will go out and try to mount it again.
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Sidebar not. But, you can create a click and connect to your server in your toolbar - equally effective.
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Actually, I was wrong. Apparently you can't drag the entire server mount to the sidebar, only an alias of it, or a folder inside of it. I've done the folder inside of it thing many times, and that works fine.

But tellurian does make a good point.
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Response by poster: How do I go about your method, tellurian?
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Also you could choose from the 'Shared Menu'
>Shared drive on a server
>Finder sidebar
>Automated action
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Careful, Ive had instances where booting the system gets hosed if a server icon is in the sidebar, and the server is not online. Not sure why, but removing the icon solved the problem, so I'm assuming that the Finder might check something while booting.
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I've been meaning to set up something like this. I was going to try to set up an automator action to do the mounting. Haven't tried it though.
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How do I go about your method, tellurian?
Connect to the shared drive. Drag its icon up on to the toolbar (where your 'back', 'view', 'action', 'search' [depending on how you have it customized]) tools are. moreā€¦
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