I need this magic turtle!
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Help me find this toy turtle for my boyfriend!

Last week we were at Potawatomi casino and we saw this adorable plush turtle wearing a top hat and a cane, like a magician. We really wanted it (he collects stuffed toys) but it wasn't for sale, and when we came back, it had been won by someone. So I'd love to be able to find it online and get it for him as a surprise, but I'm having no luck...so, I know this is a long shot, but can anyone help me find a stuffed toy turtle dressed as a magician with a hat and cane?
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Did it happen to be in one of those claw machines?

What size was he, and was he mostly green?

I don't have one necessarily, but I know someone that wins way too many stuffed toys, so if we get pretty specific I will make her go through her stash and see if we can turn one up.
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Response by poster: Thanks...It wasn't in a machine...I think you could win it in a drawing or something. He was about ten inches tall, with kind of "elephant" legs. He was green, I don't remember what color the shell was, maybe shades of brown. The important parts were the top hat and cane.
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I just asked her - top of her head she doesn't think she has one, but when she gets back in town on Monday she will take a look just in case. Sorry!
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Response by poster: Thanks anyway :)
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