Wine Tasting Journals, tips needed, please.
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Does anyone have any recommendations for wine tasting journals?

Hey everyone, I turned 21 recently and plan to start figuring out my wine tastes, along with my girlfriend. I'd like to use some wine tasting journals to help me out with this by giving me a place to write what I've tried, where I bought it, what my impressions were, etc. I want to use two separate journals for my girlfriend and I so we can both try a wine and honestly write our first impressions without being influenced by each other's.

Does anyone have any recommendations for wine tasting journals? Either specific journals I could order online(or buy in Boston), or general tips on how I should go about organizing a wine tasting journal? I've seen a previous question on AskMe regarding wine tasting journals, but it mainly revolved around label peeling, which I'm less interested in. I'm aware of Cork'd and other wine sites, but I'd like to have a physical journal for this, and my girlfriend is more receptive to participating that way as well.

Thanks in advance for any help!
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My wife and I looked into this a couple of years ago and didn't like any of the journals that are designed specifically for this purpose. We found the categories and organization of the books to be too constrained and not in line with how we like to record wine impressions. We ended up using a spreadsheet on the computer. Unless you find a specific journal you like, I would just use blank composition books. You can write out a template on the first page that will capture the categories and ratings you like and ensure that the format of the entries remains consistent.
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You know what works great are those small soft-cover address books. They have alphabetic tabs and you can order the entries any which way you want (I do mine by vintner), they fit in your pocket or purse and are very convenient for wine-tasting events. Obviously this type of journal is really not designed for lengthy commentary, more for shorthand impressions.

Works great though.
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I can't seem to find my suggestion on the web right now, so I'll keep looking. Until then, however, I suggest a sturdy college ruled journal. I have a leather bound journal I picked up at Powells some time ago. It's big enough, without being large, and it's really tough. A life of being thrown into bags, having wine spilled all over it and just being in working kitchens have left it scarred, but functional. And in a way the battle damage gives it a look that demands respect around some wine circles.
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It turns out to be a spanish company. Anyway, I like it because it's tough as nails. I like the ever present Moleskines too, but this is just a touch above.
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I also have the luxury to have a laptop with me when wine-buying. I use notational velocity for organizing wine info (among many many other tasks.)

My bad for the multiple posts. Just a bit distracted today.
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