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Can I get one Bluetooth headset to work with my cell phone and my laptop?

Ideally, I'd like to get a wireless headset thingy that would allow me to use it with my cell phone (Motorola V360, for what it's worth), AND be able to use it with my laptop so I can use Skype or voice recognition software, or whatever.
Is this even possible?
If so - could someone point me in the direction of where to get, and how much I'd need to spend?

If it would require two devices, could I get any recommendations there?
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Best answer: Yes., you certainly can do this. You'll want a headset or earpiece that supports multiple pairing. I own a Plantronics Discovery (the model number escapes me, but I believe it to be the 610E) which does so and have no trouble using it with both a telephone and a laptop.

It should cost sixty or seventy bucks, and ought to be available from damn near any electronics chain store.
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Best answer: You don't actually need multiple pairing, necessarily - that just means (if I understand correctly) that you can leave it paired with both the phone and laptop at the same time. A module that doesn't support multiple pairing can still be swapped between two devices, it just takes a few seconds. (Multiple pairing is definitely a nice feature, but you may or may not need it, depending on how you'll use it.)
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Best answer: What you are looking for is Multipoint. I own a Plantronics Voyager 510 headset that works beautifully for exactly what you are describing. In terms of ergonomics, the Voyager could be better (a bit bulky behind the ear, power button is difficult to engage), but the sound quality is very good, reception is very good, and battery life is fantastic.
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