Blackthorne alternatives?
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I'm looking for an alternative to eBay's Blackthorne software...

We've had extensive problems with Blackthorne, however, the majority of our business is from eBay, so we can't just do it manually. We use Blackthorne to export auction orders to a CSV file to load into our billing system, so any alternatives should have that capability.

Has anyone out there used anything other than Blackthorne to manage a high volume of auctions?
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I've been considering developing an eBay API module for either Zen Cart or Ofbiz. I think there are a number of commercial plugins for">OSCommerce. All of this software is designed toward different ends than Blackthorne, but at some sales volume a business would benefit from implementation of more advanced, less crapulent software.

I think there is other listing software similar to Blackthorne, but I haven't figured out if there's other software that doesn't suck so hard. I don't have any easily implemented suggestions unfortunately.
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