How do I auto-open .torrent files?
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When on torrent sites, I click on a link for a .torrent file and it automatically downloads the file to my desktop. In the past, the torrent file would automatically open in my torrent app, and presumably be saved in a temporary file. I'm not sure what I did to make the change, but I'd like it to auto open like before, save in a temp file and not on my desktop. My OS is XP SP2.

I've right-clicked on a .torrent file and changed the properties so that it will be opened with my client (uTorrent), but this doesn't seem to help.
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It depends on your browser. In Firefox you can change how files are handles by going to


The torrent extension is probably at the bottom of the list.
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Click on the file, hold SHIFT, right click, choose "open with", select your torrent app, and chose "Always use..".

But yea, sounds like you need to tweak Firefox to route the download.
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