Into the Rabbit Hole? Looking for Messed Up Cinematography
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I'm looking for films similar to Jan Švankmajer's Alice and Faust. I watched Alice in July, and two nights ago I watched Faust under the influence of some hallucinogenics. I'm especially interested in movies similar to Faust. Some philosophical content would be awesome. What do you got?
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You watched that version of Faust while on drugs, and you're still alive?

In that case, try "The Falls" by Peter Greenaway.
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Anything by the Brothers Quay (who did a short called the Cabinet of Jan Svankmajer) should do you nicely.
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The Quays 'Streets of Crocodiles' has always been my favorite. For some fast-paced eye-candy..don't forget
DEVO or Peter Gabriel vids.
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"The Falls" might be a bit dry for your purposes.

Brothers Quay, obviously, and all the Tool videos... David Lynch, especially Eraserhead and the shorts, but it's all good. David Cronenberg was pretty great back in the day too.
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Oh, and Terry Gilliam. And Chris Marker.
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And of course there's always anime.
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For the x-treme experience....El Topo or Magic Mountain.
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....Oh yeah...Coffin Joe.."At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul"!
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Svankmajer's 'Little Otik' (Otesánek) starts out slow but once it gets going... it really gets going!
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...and all of the 'Spike and Mike Animation' compilation shows!
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...Corky Quakenbush from Mad TV....
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..Peter O'Toole in 'The Ruling Class' and Peter Sellers in
'The Magic Christian' with Ringo Starr.
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Alejandro Jodorowsky's The Holy Mountain
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Yeah..Holy Mountain..not Magic Mountain..what was I thinking....Disney, but then again..all that early Disney stuff was pretty trippy.
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Brothers Quay are definitely the way to go here. I believe The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes hit DVD recently, and it's wonderful.

If you haven't checked out Svankmajer's short films, there are some great collections of those available too. And if by any chance you're a Greencine subscriber, I know The Ossuary is about to become available, because I just sent it back last week. But you can't have Lunacy because it's on its way to me now. (Oddly, I am not actually on a particular Svankmajer kick right now, my rental queue just happened to spit them both out despite lots of other films being between them.)
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the puppet films of jiri trinka
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