What was California's policy on blood tests in the past?
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When did California stop demanding blood tests before issuing marriage certificates? When they did require a blood test, how long did it take to get one? Thanks!
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California stopped requiring blood tests as a requirement for marriage in January 1995. IIRC, the results took a few days to come back, the results reported on the usual list of STDs and you were also given the option of testing for HIV.
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Also, here's an analysis of the specific bill that proposed dropping the premarital blood test requirement and here's a pay-to-read news story about the repealed requirement.
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Well, I got married in SF in 1993 and did not have to get a blood test because I opted for the "confidential" marriage (which sounds very dramatic but basically meant that you didn't have to go to the bother of getting the blood test, and City Hall won't release your marriage record unless something something, I forget).

So a test-free option was available before 1995.
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When the wife and I got married in '73, we got our blood tests a couple weeks before the wedding to make sure everything was handled in time, IIRC.
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IIRC, there was a three day waiting period between the blood tests and the ceremony. Couples who weren't that patient drove or flew to Las Vegas, where the infamous neon chapels offered instant marriage.
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