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I'm about to fly to Ibiza, and would like something to watch during the flight, and when relaxing during the day. Where can I get easily downloadable TV shows or films (and documentaries) in the correct format for my PSP (or maybe iPod)?

I'm into all sorts of genres, I'd just like something to entertain my brain for the flight. Comedy is good (Family Guy, South Park, Naked Gun, Airplane etc), action and Sci-Fi films are also more than welcome.

Time is of the essence, so I would like to avoid converting video where possible.
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itunes has tv shows for $1.99 per
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The following newsgroups exist:


If you need a good Usenet service, I recommend Easynews. If you need a good Usenet client for the Mac, I recommend Unison. Good luck!
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Oh yeah, and too.
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Well, of course the iTunes store has tons of downloadable tv shows / movies / short films / music videos / video podcasts that will be already formatted properly for the iPod. I'd expect the DRM would prevent them from going on a PSP but I'm not positive.

Many videos at Google Video are downloadable in the proper format -- just check the right sidebar for the "Download for: [Video iPod/Sony PSP] " button.

You mentioned you'd like to avoid converting wherever possible, but if you've got a DVD you've just got to bring, Handbrake can do a one-step rip+convert to an mp4 file that the PSP or video iPod can play.

Your favorite BitTorrent site probably has a section for downloads in this format as well -- check for a section in the videos called "Handheld" or similar.
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(Sorry for redundancy -- I let that comment sit in preview for a little longer than I'd thought)
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Seconding churl: Get DVDs, rip them to the format for the PSP with Handbrake. I think the new version has easy-to-use presets for the iPod and PSP, so it's basically one-click. And it will do batch-ripping, for TV shows. Chapter markers, too. If you have a reasonably fast machine it's much faster to rip than download.

Not sure if it produces subtitles in a format that the PSP will view, though... (it will do softsubs, but the question is whether the PSP supports them inside the container format you choose).
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions.

What would you mefites recommend from Google Video that has the PSP download option available?

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You just need to prudently search.

For example just search for "full movie"
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lemonfridge, how about a Q&A with Warren Buffett?
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