Vintage finds in Ireland?
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I am traveling to Kilkenny Ireland and Clifden Ireland next week. Is there any good antiqueing in either of those towns? I am not looking for furniture but rather tea pot/china/silver and flea market type stuff. Thank you!
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I can't speak specifically to Kilkenny and Clifden, although I did visit both of those towns. I spent the last year academic year living in Dublin, Ireland, though, and generally flea markets are scarce. I grew up in a family of flea marketeers, and I was looking for these things... Part of the reason would be that Ireland didn't have a broad middle class (or even maybe much of an upper class) for most of the twentieth century until about 1990. In fact, you could make the case that Ireland's middle and upper class from that time period are living in New York, Boston and San Francisco.

So, while we are used to a huge surplus of old/vintage goods here in the US, Ireland simply didn't have a large population of people buying much extra stuff until about 15 years ago. So, there were just a very few options in Dublin, anyway.

You could probably find some of your particular items - I remember seeing a lot of china in servite shops (the equivalents to our "Goodwill" shops).

Good luck! Kilkenny and Clifden are both tourist oriented, so you might find some stuff.
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A local took me to a place in Enniskerry (Co. Bray), that has turned out to be the greatest treasure trove I've ever found for small antiques and vintage pieces (art, silver, china, carvings, jewelry, decor, the like). The proprietor is also the exclusive curator and he has a great eye. It's now a must-stop for me if I go to the Dublin area.

It's a one-shop operation, but he might know other similar shops in the south and west. If you would like his name and number, email me and I'll pass it on.
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Enniskerry is in Co. Wicklow if you want to follow up on pineapple's suggestion ... Bray is the big town (and DART station) close by.
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Thanks, jamesonandwater. Totally spaced that one, shouldn't post on a Saturday night.

Yes, the shop is in Enniskerry (near Bray, in Co Wicklow) on the high street, and there is a bus (#185) that runs from the Bray DART station to Enniskerry that stops right in the village.
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