Help wanted in naming my new company
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Please help me name a new real estate company that I am opening (in the next few weeks) in Southen California. The company sells mostly apartment buildings / multi-units as invesments.

The name should be unique & stand out . But it can't be too cutesy ("Red white & green", "ABC Banana")... Most clients/prospects are boring, old, rich people, or wannabes. Most similar competitors have non-descript ("Investment Properties Management, IPM") names, or are named after their founders ("Cullman & Churchill"). Some key elements of promise in the name should be: retirement / future / ease / success / assurance / trust / wealth-building / nest egg..
- Thank you for your creative input -
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If it makes money, it's a Miracle

Axilla Investments

It's the pits
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Nest Egg Properties. (your advertising and/or logo could be eye-catching and memorable by centering around the nest egg theme without being too cutesy)
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Terra Firma
Larus (Latin for success. Just sounds financial to me).
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So, we give you a name... (I like 'IANABORP, Corp.')

You take that name and start your business...

Clients/prospects use a search engine to find out more about you or find your page, but instead they find an Ask Me post with a quote, from the owner, stating "Most clients/prospects are boring, old, rich people, or wannabes."

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Too Little, Too Late and Associates
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Lovell Terrace Apartments
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Vroooom! there goes your life, LLC
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I just hope you're an honest person.

Name your company "I'm Not A Dishonest Douchebag Who Sells Real Estate, LLC."

IF in fact you are honest.

My wife and I are now understanding how much fun it is to deal with fucking lying assclown real estate sellers and their bogus bullshit bag of smiles and non-disclosures. I just hope you're not like that. What a life sucking experience.
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How about " Welcome Home?"
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Hey! I thought you moved to New Zealand!
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Response by poster: Thank you all for your suggestions. Expanding on one of the ideas, I came up with a (different) brand name that my partner/s accepted as perfect for our needs. I'll email private thanks to the person that pointed me in that direction.
And based on B(oYo)BIES advice, I will not mention the name here, but you'll be able to check it out in a few weeks thru my blog, if interested.
Peace -
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