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date things to due in Houston the weekend of September 14.

hey everyone.
i've started a long distance relationship wih a girl in Houston and ai am going to visit the weekend of September 14. I've seen a bunch of the posts about Houston but I want to know if anything we can't miss is going on this weekend. If you have any good ideas for that weekend feel free to post.
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Here's a link to the local entertainment listings starting the 14th.
The Houston Chronicle
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Sites I'd watch:
Arts Hound
the Houston Press
The Houstonist
The Houston Chronicle (Mamapotomus's suggestion)

Previous H-town threads have a lot of what's good in this town. Don't listen to all the haters, you just have to dig around a little here and you can find wonderful places and things to do. So look through those threads.

That weekend I'd recommend:

Aurora Picture Show is having a show that weekend. This place is a must if you're into visual arts at all.

The Astros are playing the Pirates if you both love ball games.

Domy Books is having an art show open 9/14. This place is really neat and worth checking out. Also that block of Westheimer is a fun area to walk and bar/coffee house hop a little: Brazil on the corner of Dunlavy, [some place across the street from Domy I'm blanking out on the name], Empire, and Poison Girl on the next block. Great places to people watch.

For live music:
McGonigel's Mucky Duck Friday, Carolyn Wonderland is playing if you like kicking back in a nice pub atmosphere where you can sit down and listen to the blues from a local.

The Houston Symphony is playing Beethoven. Have dinner downtown at one of my favorite places, Mia Bella on Main St. Very romantic place to dine. Afterwards have a drink at La Carafe or Warrens on Market Square.

The Continental Club has the Resin Valley Boys on Friday and The Flaming Hellcats on Saturday. Disclaimer: I go out with one of the Resin Valley Boys, but if you like Hank Williams -ish danceable country music they are good fun. The Hellcats are very fun rockabilly. Hit Tacos a Go-Go and Sig's Lagoon next door.

For free Saturday, you can listen to world music at the Te House - it's nice, small, could be romantic low-key fun.

If the weather is nice, go to Herman Park. Miller Outdoor Theater is having a Mexicano festival that Saturday late afternoon/evening. Fun free, nice to walk around and people watch. The park has nice manicured paths to stroll along together.

Have a great weekend together!
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