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"Ognuno Soffre" (Everybody Hurts) lyrics?

Okay ... After seeing him win "Britain's Got Talent", I'm a weepy sucker for Paul Potts. I downloaded his iTunes offering, three selections from his debut album "One Chance". One the three is an Italian version of REM's "Everybody Hurts" called "Ognuno Soffre".

Anyone know where the Italian lyrics can be got? Most lyric sites I've checked either didn't have it or had a blank page awaiting user input.
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The only scrap I could find is probably not from the Paul Potts version. I suspect his lyrics just aren't out there yet.

quando il giorno è lungo e la notte,
la notte sei da solo
quando sei sicuro che ne hai avuto abbastanza da questa vita, e ci sei caduto
non lasciarti andare, ognuno piange
e ognuno soffre a volte

From this site.
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Fantastic! Appreciate the effort. You're right; they aren't the same as the Potts version but interesting nonetheless. They come close in several places and I suspect it comparing the versions will be instructive.

In any case, I gotta say the song in Italian is very beautiful. (Oh course, just reading from a carburetor installation manual would probably sound elegant in Italian too!)
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I listened to Potts' rendition of the REM song and tried to write down the lyrics as best as a native Italian can do, considering that operatic singing is not designed for perfect comprehension. To Potts' credit, besides a powerful voice, he hasn't too strong a British accent (I read he studied singing in Italy for some time).

Quando il giorno non passa mai
la notte è dentro a te
se pensi che che oramai
vita più non c'è
non cedere se puoi
ognuno piange sai
e a volte soffrirà, lo sai

Quando pace più non c'è
puoi cantare insieme a me
quando il giorno è notte ormai
(oh no), e tu non ce la farai
se la vita che tu fai è solo guai
ma perché ognuno soffre sai
ma si consolerà
amici troverai non rinunciare (oh no)

non ce la fai nella solitudine
solo tu non sarai se al mondo sei
solo tu

e la notte è lunga sai
se la vita che tu fai è solo guai
ma perché

ma un giorno è come te
lo sai, ognuno piange, sai
e a volte soffrirà
lo sai, ognuno soffre sai
lo sai

And now, for something completely different: a brief excerpt from the manual for Dalll'Orto motorcycle carburetors, H series:

Come si vede in figura, la variante X delle valvole in oggetto, è composta da due elementi Y e Z. La Y ha il valore dello smusso, e Z un valore simbolico, simile per i due tipi di valvole, che determinano la posizione ed il tipo di camma comando pompa.

(Not so elegant, in my humble opinion, but a good actor could provide for an interpretative reading)
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Hahaha-haha ... the Carburetor stuff's hysterical!

Thanx for the transcription. Looks great to me. I've always wanted to develop enough of an ear to truly appreciate selected Italian opera. This will go a long way to help me making it fun in the process. And if it's a bit artificial because of the operatic style -- no big problem.

Grazie molto!
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If anyone wants to hear the song, I found a Chinese website that plays it. I'm sure it's legit and you'll run out to buy the iTunes version after you're hooked anyway. ;)
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