Where to take a date in the Twin Cities?
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What are some fun, affordable places to take a date in the Twin Cities?

I'm looking to start dating again and don't know much about what's available in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area. Bars, restaurants, anything! Oh, and suburbs count too. Thanks!
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Tell us more about yourself! What sorts of things do you like, etc?
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If you already have a date and don't know where to go:

Look up local festivals. Very fun and good conversation starters as there is always something going on around you. This is good for bringing friends as well and meeting someone there... Strike up a random conversation with a cutie at the food booth or while listening to a musician.

Also, if you have a dog, dog parks are good.

You could rent kayaks or canoes and set off in any old river/lake. Also renting tandem bicycles can be fun and rather funny.

To meet people: Check out the community education centers around your area and take a class...Spanish, web building, pottery. Always girls in the art classes.

Volunteer somewhere, for a cause that interests you... Or suggest volunteering with a date. Girls love a kind hearted soul.

Check out the local nature centers too, they have classes and nice trails to hike.

I could keep going but I am not sure if this will be helpful or if any of these things are of your taste.
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A hike at Fort Snelling State Park
Solera (restaurant in Minneapolis)
The French Meadow (restaurant/bakery in Minneapolis)
Fruit picking near Afton Alps
Cosetta's and the bars on West 7th in St Paul (The Liffey, Patrick Mcgovern's.. possibly others)
The science museum in St Paul
The conservatory at Como Park
The MN zoo in Apple Valley
The Valley-Hi drive-in in Woodbury
Main street in Stillwater (and Hudson WI) has cute stores/restaurants/coffee shops
Cafe Latte in St Paul (and that restaurant next to it)
The Good Earth in Roseville
A Saint Paul Saints game
a nice walk around one of the lakes in Minneapolis
The St Paul farmer's market
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Wine tasting!! Did I mention wine tasting?

I know that these were not location specific answers, but I am from Michigan and our topography is similar as well as the urban and rural areas. These are things that anyone can do and everywhere really.
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I'm only familiar with Minneapolis...

- Bryan Lake Bowl
- Pizza Luce
- Walker Art Museum (or any art museum)... check out the Walker After Hours thing if you're looking to meet girls. There's one coming up in October.
- Baseball game
- Lake Calhoun
- Brave New Workshop (improv comedy shows with a date, or classes for meeting girls)
- Volunteer!
- Cooking class (Kitchen Window, Cooks of Crucus Hill)
- Home cooked meal + Netflix
- Brit's Pub
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2nding Bryant Lake Bowl and Brit's pub.

Also, the Loring Pasta Bar. Feels expensive, but isn't.
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Quick, ask someone out and go to the State Fair this weekend. (Out-of-state food journalists weigh in on everything on a stick.)

Seconding Bryant Lake Bowl.

Midtown Global Market to wander and nosh.

And I'm terribly biased, because my best friend works there, but don't miss the Science Museum of Minnesota as a totally fun place to take a date.
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Yeah, most of my ideas are food-related.

--Matt's Bar at 34th and Cedar in Mpls for a Jucy Lucy (don't forget to finish the fries first!)
--a walk (picnic, etc.) around Minnehaha Falls
--ice cream at Izzy's in St. Paul
--pizza at Punch
--tapas at La Bodega (I hear Solera is awesome, but La Bodega is better for early dates -- a little more casual)
--dinner at Mancini's in St. Paul -- old-time steakhouse/supper club, very tasty
--Phil's Tara Hideaway in Stillwater looks like a dumpy bar on the outside but is AMAZING. Good place to go for a little road trip out to the river.
--Drive around Harriet Island
--a show at the Ordway
--brunch at Hell's Kitchen (be prepared to wait!) or Keys
--St. Paul Saints game
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The Walker is free on Thursday nights.
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If you have a date for this weekend, how about the Minnesota State Fair? Mmmmm, the food, and people-watching, and Ye Old Mill.
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Missed desuetude's post, I previewed, I really did!
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Minneapolis Institute of Arts is always free, and they have some spectacular exhibits.

True Thai Cafe on Franklin & 25th serves killer Thai food for reasonable prices, been there many many times over the years and they never disappoint. It's a nice date spot because it's smaller, almost hole-in-the-wall-ish, so the setting feels more intimate.

Go to Uptown and wander! Don't be afraid to shop around in some of the fun stores you'll never buy anything at.

Regarding the suburbs: I grew up in a suburb of Minneapolis (living in the cities for the past few years thankfully), and honestly there's nothing restaurant or entertainment-wise that isn't equaled or surpassed in the cities. Hell, you can even play Splatball on University Avenue...

The only exception to this is that if you're looking for something more outdoors and slow-paced, you should try disc golfing. I highly recommend Acorn Park in Roseville or Lakewood Hills in Maplewood for northern suburbs, both are gorgeous parks with fun courses. This is a great activity for a fun second date as it gets you outside and walking around in nature, while giving you an activity to focus on. This site has lots of info on courses in MN.
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Nicollet Avenue in Minneapolis, roughly between 10th and 29th, is known as "Eat Street" and features an amazing array of restaurants in the affordable dining range. If you love an ethnic cuisine, it's probably represented.

In the outer western suburbs, Excelsior is a cute little town with boats making excursions and dinner cruises out onto Lake Minnetonka.

And, as mentioned above, if you're here before Sept. 3, go to the State Fair. It's fun on a stick!

P.S. The weather is still warm, but it's beginning to get cool in the evenings. The leaves will begin turning in the next couple of weeks. Bring a sweater.
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If you or a date are in to architecture, you should take a walk around Crocus Hill and look at all the amazing turn of the century mansions.
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Lava Links in Roseville. What's better than blacklight mini golf & air hockey on a rainy afternoon?

Cheesecake at Cafe Latte in St. Paul
Ice Cream at Grand Old Creamer in St. Paul
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Drinks/dinner? Nye's Polonaise Room. Polish food. Piano Bar. Glittery Naugahyde. Shag Carpet. Accordians.

Goofy shopping? Ax-Man Surplus. All kinds of cool stuff. Go to the one in St Paul, not the burbs.

Outdoors? Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge. Units of the refuge run for 40 miles along the river, and are easily accessible from major freeways. Louisville Swamp is great.
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