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How do I find what open source project (or nonprofit) might be a "client" for a tutorial or training (instructional design project) that's for university credit?

The class is on consulting with a deliverable such as a tutorial, web-based training, etc. An open source software project seems ideal, but the problem is, I need a "client" to provide some feedback on whether it meets the need. Outside of emailing contacts on projects does any one have any recommendations? Or other possibilities I'm overlooking? I've had open-content curricula (a la Wikibooks) recommended to me, but there's less of a specific defined user/client.

I'm also open to contacting nonprofits in the area, but I'm currently working on a brochure for a nonprofit and realize that most projects would take longer than a semester to ramp up and complete.
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I would definitely start by contacting the teams for any programs you are most interested in; both you and they will probably benefit more if you're already a fan of the software. Almost every open-source project will welcome tutorial-writers.

If that doesn't work out, SourceForge has a help wanted section that might give some more leads. Some umbrella communities have specific groups coordinating documentation volunteers; check out the Gnome Documentation Project or the Ubuntu Month of Screencasts, for example.
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