Web-based video editing tools?
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Has anyone used a remote online video editing suite, and what are the advantages/pitfalls?

Hi, my company is publishing more and more online video and a colleague is looking into a service called 'Forscene', which uses Java apps to let you edit video online. You have to upload the raw files to their servers first and then edit it through your browser.

Theoretically at least it gives us the editing functionality we'd need when we're out and about.

But it seems a pretty radical idea. I can imagine the internet uplink speed being a big consideration.

Has anyone tried using tools like this, or do any obvious pitfalls leap out?
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Speed seems like a very obvious pitfall. Don't expect to be able to do anything too fancy with any sort of remote online tool.
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My personal favorite is Jumpcut.com which is a Yahoo! service and done in Macromedia Flash.

The only pitfall is that some of these service won't let you export video clips out of their site in other formats though you can use workarounds.
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There have been a couple of services with the expected problems:
Long/slow uploads. Crappy quality viewing. No 'advanced' editing tools. No method of 'migrating' the edit to another format.

(It'd be cool to have a real time ingest of low res out on a website...then edit...then reconform at full res)
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I work in online video and I can't imagine this being something a serious company would do. Just for example, on a 90 minute video that we put together, we digitze something like 20-30 gigs (2 cameras for a 2 hour shoot of 4 hours total). After we edit it and export it from final cut and convert it to streaming video, it becomes about a 100 to 200 MBs. That file can still take us up to an hour to upload to the server. Do the math on raw video. I don't know about the service and what they can do, but that's the major pitfall I see.
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