Foldershare only syncs one way
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I am having a weird problem with Foldershare. I was able to set everything up so that I can share a folder between my desktop and laptop (both are connected to the internet via an AirPort Extreme Base Station), but now when I sync it only goes one way -- from my desktop (iMac running OS X 10.4) to my laptop (running XP). Anything I fix on the mac shows up instantly on the laptop, but everything I fix on the laptop, or ghost p2p files I double click on the Mac, get caught in the queue and the status switches wildly between "queued" "all matches currently busy" "idle" and "listening" in the activity window on the mac and they are not visible on the xp laptop activity window. Also, all ports are reporting as blocked, despite my turning off the Mac firewall. I tried Foldershare support and they gave me the standard settings FS should operate with and told me to contact the manufacturer of the router. Applecare said the Airport doesn't block any ports. Any ideas? I googled and couldn't find anyone that was having this issue... Thanks in advance.
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I've seen some odd glitches (not this one, though) randomly appear on my foldershare setup a bit back, and turning off encrypted transfers on all of the comps fixed the problem, which it hasn't appeared since. For me, it was no problem, as I don't FS anything sensitive. If you don't either, try switching that off and see if it helps.
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(my ports also all say blocked. I've never had any problem though (beyond the above) and I transfer between many computers on multiple networks, so i just ignore that.)
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