What to do in place of the missing "X" on the back of my Maxima?
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Help me figure out a clever or funny thing to do in place of the missing "X" on the back of my Maxima.

I have a white 1996 Nissan Maxima. The "Maxima" logo on the back is missing the X. As much as I like telling people that "ma ima" is Japanese for "my car", I think it's time to upgrade.

Before I get out the duct tape and make an X myself, any funny or clever suggestions? I'm not opposed to things that light-up, although I'm pretty cheap.

Carry on,

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Just remove the I
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huge wildly detailed airbrushed x, possibly made of lightning bolts or a light saber duel or ninjas or something equally awesome.
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mecran01's idea is great. Manimal! hahaha. You could drive around blasting the Vandals and all would be right with the world.

Here's some tamer (and lamer) ideas—you could put an "i" in front of the first "ma" and then add a word after? So it reads something like "ima ima car".
Also, switching the letters around can be fun:
am i a something something
i am a something something

Here's a similar idea with a license plate. Really clever.

Or you could just spell my name. I'd think you were cool.
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Seconding Manimal. Genius.
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What you wanna do is put an "R" where the "X" used to be, then chip off half of the second "M", so that it looks like an "N". Then you just slap a picture of Counselor Troi up there, and you're ready for the sci-fi convention.
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Step 1. Drop two bones plus shipping and buy this. Go crazy.

Step 2. ??????

Step 3. Profit.

One humble suggestion (from a math dork):
ditch the first "a" and go with "MINIMA"
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You could also collect/buy/steal? a bunch of letters from different cars, so that they'd all be different styles...and then spell out "ransomcar". You're 1/3 of the way there!
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Refrigerator magnet letter.

And yes, Manimal cracks me up too.
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Yes, Manimal. Its awesomeness would be unbounded. If you drive a Nissan Manimal, you can expect beautiful strangers to leap into your car with you and perform expert oral sex upon you and leave heaps of cash on your lap before they leap away. Daily.
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Do you like pirates? Can't stand the things myself, but if I liked them, I'd go with something like this.
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Nthing "MaNimaL"
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I ran *ma*ima* through my crossword dictionary software. Here are the results (excluding variations on 'maxima'):

Madam, I'm Adam
magnetic resonance imagining

Obviously, you go with 'Manimal'. Though it is kind of cool that in order to make 'Madam, I'm Adam' you need to insert the sequence 'dam' twice.

In a very attenuated sense of cool.

If you break off the 'I', you get a bunch more options, but none look great except maybe for 'madman'. 'Alma Mater' has the correct spacing.
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Mama I
A Maim
A Imam
I am ma

But I think MaNimaL is the clear winner here.
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you all rock. i can't believe someone actually had software for this. right now i'm thinking refrigerator-magnet manimal.

carry on, manimals.
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1) Take out the I as well.
2) Next line: Add YO
3) Next line: CELLO NO
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How about one of those bullet hole stickers? They look particularly good on white cars
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Replace it with a "Camry" badge. 99% of people won't notice.
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get a bit of fishing line, fold it in half and twist together tightly. use to saw rest of letters off. remove rest of glue by rubbing with your thumb. get your car washed and waxed with a buffer (which you should do anyway)

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For future surfers, the MANIMAL.
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