Do boxer wearers have special running underwear?
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If your running shorts have an inner pant, and your underwear of choice is boxers, what do you wear when you're running? Manties?
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Most guys I know go commando (wear nothing at all).
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Did you mean "do not" have an inner pant? Because, yeah, if they've got a "liner", i.e. built-in tighties, just use them If they're just the shorts, no liner, either wear tighties, or make so you've got spurs that jingle jangle jingle as you go running merrily along. No real point in wearing boxers, which are effectively an extra layer over freeballin' and don't give any support.
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Response by poster: notsnot: no, I mean if they do. As in if you don't go commando, do you have a special set of running underwear?
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I thought the whole point of the inner thing was that it solves this problem for you.

If you wore anything additional, wouldn't it just bunch up and suck?
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During my relatively short running period, I wore an athletic supporter under running shorts. Not much bunching going on - the shorts I ran in had a sort of liner thingie, but it didn't amount to much. A jockstrap was the ticket for me.
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The lining is there to replace underwear. If they don't have a liner, and I'm likely to go long enough to get any chafing, I wear a pair of compression underwear that I bought at a runner's store. They are also what I wear underneath my tights in the winter.
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Boxer briefs.
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Are you sure you are getting the right size? That liner thing should fit like regular briefs if you're talking about the same thing that in my shorts.
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Response by poster: this is confusing: if I don't wear underwear, then the laundry part of my mind thinks that the shorts must go in the laundry bin straight afterwards. I don't have that many pairs of shorts.
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On my running shorts, I tear out the lining and wear Underarmor.

It is moisture-wicking, ends chafing, and is very comfortable. It's designed for performance, so you don't get the bunching and general sweaty nastiness associated with boxer briefs and the like.

Marathon people might do something better, but it works well for the 2-5 mile range.
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I've never had these kind of shorts, they creep me out and they mystify me. But I would suppose that if they come with built-in underwear, then you don't need underwear. If you feel compelled to wear underwear anyways, and if moreover you feel compelled not to wear briefs because you're a boxers kind of guy, then logically there is only one option left: boxer briefs. Unless you bought the shorts a few sizes too big, and then you have the complete spectrum of underwear to choose from. And yeah, like russmail said: why would you buy these shorts? Now you have to wash them every day.
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Oh russmail was the questioner.

Yeah that's why I'm wondering why you bought those kind of shorts. Anyway boxer briefs are good for sports, although I haven't tested rentalkarma's high-tech solution.
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I'm a woman but, yeah, the liner is there to act as underwear (not so important for ladies, but useful for the men). And to answer russmail's more recent comment, yes, if they're worn/dirty then they need laundering. :) (I have to wash ALL my workout clothes after EACH workout, regardless of whether I wear additional underwear, which I don't. Don't you guys sweat?)
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Well, my running shorts get completely soaked with sweat during a run, so whether I wore separate underwear or not, I'd still have to launder them. I rinse thoroughly after one run and wear them for a second, but after two runs they definitely need washing.

But, switch the question around: what is the liner for if you're supposed to wear underwear with the shorts?
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Agreeing with the above - the inner pant replaces underwear. If you are concerned with cleanliness/washing, buy a pair of non-liner athletic shorts and wear tee-dubs or compression shorts or jock or somesuch thing underneath.
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Like rentalkarma, I also just wear underarmor. I chafe pretty badly if I don't.
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In my also brief running career, I wore jockstrap plus shorts without liner, and laundered after every run, unless it was a really short run. I did have a pair with the liner, in which I ran a marathon, with jockstrap underneath. Boxers don't belong in the mix.
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Athletic supporter.
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Rip it out and go with low friction long boxer briefs, but this is because of my physiology and running style my legs rub together. Essentially underarmor by another name.
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I sometimes run wearing boxers and shorts with the inner pants thingy. Works ok for me except for some minor chafing.

The non-sweaty-balls feeling of freedom you only get with boxers is very apparent when you're running so you should at least try running wearing boxers.
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Wearing my normal boxer shorts (of any style) works for me because it prevents chafing, which I do get with briefs. So, figure out what works and then wear that. If chafing's an issue with the liner in, wear the shorts with boxer. If it seems weird, rip the liner out and try again.
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Compression shorts.
underarmor makes a good pair.
steer clear of the ones with the pouch for your bits.
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