Self-hosted LiveJournal replacement?
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Self-hosted LiveJournal replacement? I would like to have my own journal displayed on my own site and besides some usual requirements, I have one or two that seem to be difficult to satisfy.

When I had my LiveJournal, I displayed it on my personal website via a javascript write() and some custom CSS so it looked like the rest of my site. I would like to do something similar, with the journal hosted on one site (that has MySQL and PHP) but displayed on another. I've looked at Journalness, but there's no obvious equivalent to what I was doing with LiveJournal. Obviously, I can simply open a new page instead of displaying the journal on a page, but I'd like to replicate the past behavior if I can.

My hosting site is Linux-based, with MySQL and PHP (I primarily use it for Wordpress) so open source solutions based on that would be the best fit.
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I'm confused what you're doing with Live Journal that you can't be doing with Wordpress

If your site and the thing you want to include in the site are hosted on the same server you could use a Server Side Include

Or a PHP include to get the content into your site.
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What does LiveJournal do that Wordpress doesn't? I mean, isn't Wordpress a self-hosted LiveJournal replacement? You can run a wordpress blog on the one site, and use a javascript feed reader/parser thing to spit it out somewhere else.
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I have always maintained a physical and logical separation between my weblog and my journal, although not everyone does. I don't wish to have a second installation of Wordpress or to replace my current installation with Wordpress MU.
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How about the other way around?

Wordpress has a LiveJournal plugin that will automatically take a post you make in your wordpress blog and crosspost it to your livejournal account. It's pretty nifty actually (I use it).

Additionally, a widget shows up on the page where you write your posts which you can specify whether or not you want to have the post re-posted to your LiveJournal account - good for making posts you want to keep strictly to your blog.
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I don't wish to have a second installation of Wordpress

How is installing an LJ clone any different than installing a second copy of WP?

The majority of posters sound like they need some better problem definition. What was "what I was doing with LiveJournal" that you are trying to replicate?
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Since it's been mentioned in this thread, does anyone have a link to the wordpress plugin that cross posts to livejournal. Using google, I c only find deadlink references to it.
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