"Hate... you only hurt yourself." Boom!
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Searching for info or video of a 1960s-1970s animated US-televised public service announcement against 'hate.' Angry man approaches viewer, head swells and three-pronged arrows whirl in his heart. Head swells and turns red and bursts as narrator says '[when you] hate, you only hurt yourself.' Possibly American Heart Association? Will donate $10 to charity chosen by first person to point me to correct online video. Many thanks.
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I remember this too! Was it the PSA referred to under 1974 on this page?

If so, it's also listed as "33) PSA: animated man getting angry because he hates—Jewish Chautauqua Society" under "PSA 8.62" on this page, which is connected to a film archive. Unfortunately, the vid isn't online there.
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Further searches turned up nothing. If it's online, I can't find it.

If anyone has this video and would put it online, there are at least a couple of us who would like to see it again.
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Response by poster: Thanks to litlnemo for remembering and for searching but I can neither confirm nor deny your suggested find. Need to see that film again. The year 1974 sounds about right.
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Response by poster: I wrote the Jewish Chautauqua Society in August 2007, no reply as of October 2007.
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