Marker Tie Me Up, Marker Tie Prices Down
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How might I find cheap marker ties?

I am down to the dregs of my oldschool Panduit PLF1MA-C nylon marker ties. They're like cable ties only they have a nicely sized rectangle on the end, on which I can write a few characters in sharpie. They're great for marking up USB cables, power cords, and so forth.

I can find marker ties, although the new style is to have the marker up against the cable so marked, which I despise. I can even find some marker ties that have the marker "outside" of the slot through which the tongue of the tie is inserted, but they cost a lot. About forty-five cents each.

That doesn't sound bad, but when you're labeling and relabeling an obscene amount of stuff, it's easy to blow through thirty bucks worth of marker ties in one sitting.

Surely someone must make cheap marker ties. Or has nylon suddenly shot through the roof in price?
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Are these the ones you are looking for? That site sells 1000 for ~$100 US. This site sells 100 for $8.84.

I found them by spotting a part number (IT18FL) on a site then Googling for it specifically.
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Oh, now I see the ones you referred to in the question. That's a much larger tag than on the one I linked to.
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Yeah. They're monster-big marker ties. Rather than "HDD" I can put something like "Maxtor HDD1" on them. I adore them. But even the Panduit people have replaced the old model tag with a new, smaller tag which is more rectangular, but kept the same part number, thereby ticking me off.

The old tags were almost big enough for my thumbprint.
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$15 for a bag of 100
$30 for a bag of 200
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I think the ones you both have linked are as big as they are going to get these days. If my digital camera was working, I'd take photos of these things. The marker part is just about an inch tall, and nearly as wide.

I guess they don't make them like that anymore.
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I found two likely suspects that might offer the flag size you want. No pricing, though if you're buying a few thousand at once you might do okay.

I think the Panduit part number you want, for the large flag, is PLF1MA. Newark has 'em for $320/1000, which sucks. Hmm.
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Yeah, see what I mean? Even in bulk they're thirty-two cents each. I'm thinking nylon is somehow more costly now.
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