Broken Partition Table
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I accidently made 2 partitions out of a 1 partition drive that had valuable data on it. Help me get back to normal.

I had about 200gbs of space on my 400gb drive in 1 partition. I decided to, accidently of course, turn the formerly 1 partition into 2 using Disk Utility. However...this removed all of my data. Is the partition table just screwed up? Is all my data gone?
how can i get it back? HELP!
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You'll probably need to use hard drive recovery software. It's more than likely not going to be free.

EasyRecovery has saved my ass before. There's probably cheaper programs that do the same thing.
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relevant article

free tools you could try - no promises here

The key is going to be not to write anything to the partition you want to recover.
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The questioner is using a Mac, so the above answers don't help. My understanding is that the data is all deleted, but at worst professional data recovery service should be able to get it back. Such services are expensive.
DO NOT USE THE DRIVE YOU JUST REFORMATTED. It might be best to unplug it for now if you can.
Now dowload the free demo of this software. Follow the instructions, see if it can rescue your data and if so you can buy the product. If not, go to a pro.
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You can get the data back but it is going to cost you. If the data was really important try Driver Savers. They saved my ass, recovered the data and put it all on CDs and sent it on to me. You might try the Genuis Bar at an Apple store just to be sure you have exhausted every option that might cost less but it is a crap shoot.
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Free and good.
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The questioner is using a Mac, so the above answers don't help.

Forgive me if I'm misinterpreting, but this seems like snark "you doofus, he's using a mac"...

He doesn't mention using a mac.

Also, good hard drive utilities don't care what filesystem is on the drive, so even if the poster is using a mac, any of the above software in a PC along with the affected hard drive could still help.
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but this seems like snark you doofus
No snark intended; the post's tags indicate that OS X is in use and "Disk Utility" is the name of the standard Mac partitioning software, but perhaps I have jumped to a conclusion. Your first link appeared to be about NTFS-specific software, however a couple of the titles in your second link (Disk Investigator and especially TestDisk) might indeed be of use if the poster also has access to a Windows machine. So apologies all round and next time I'll just keep my mouth shut.
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I searched for hfs partition recovery, & TestDisk looks like it would be helpful.

Don't write anything to that drive. I'd download software to a flash drive or something, on another machine preferably.

(The first thing that came to mind was gpart, which can recreate partition tables. It looks like that doesn't support HFS, though.)
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