Where to get my birthday ink?
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Please help me make the best choice for a tattoo parlour in the Tempe, AZ area for my first ink.

I will be in Tempe, AZ from September 14-18 for KoL Con IV. While I'm there, my birthday will occur, and I'd like to get my first ink. I want a small (1x1) solid-colour square, preferably in a vivid colour (bright blue, lime green, or pink) on my hip (yes, that is a pun, yes, this is a real question). Could you give me a reccomendation for your favourite shops in the area, and if you have any clue, what I should expect to pay?

Thanks in advance. :)
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Anybody, and I mean anybody, will be able to do a solid one-inch square. I'm not sure what they'll charge, but figure you'll be somewhere near the minimum tattoo cost for that studio, maybe $50 or something, though that's just a rough guess. And if you go to a shop with some kind of super-respected artist, don't be surprised if an apprentice winds up doing your tattoo. I'll leave specific shop recommendations to the Arizonans--if you don't get any other recommendations, though, you could try reading shop reviews at BME.
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Heh, I was going to recommend looking at BME's artist portfolios. Dunno if "hip to be square" is cool enough to make Modblog, but you never know these things.
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Living Canvas is within walking distance of downtown, they've been around forever and have always done great work.
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for what you want you can literally go anywhere, skill doesn't really apply to a solid colored square.
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Club Tattoo (there's one... shit, near Mill, right?; no, it's on Apache... grr, somethinglikethat/too-lazy-to-Google-maps) did great on an ex of mine. They'll also pierce things of yours!

Plus, then you get the badass sticker for your car window.

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Oh, sensing you may not be FROM here: Here ya go. They'll treat you right.

Anywhere on University/ASU area is bound to be decent, and there are bunches of them. My friend got an amazing, enormous back tattoo (like, bio-mech, skin pulled back, spine exposed thing; weird, but it suits him) from Tattooed Planet and they did fantastic, too.

You're asking for a square. If they can't pull that off, I say you get to poison them or something.

Also, let the record indicate that I thought it was just the right amount of nerdy-pun-cute, the "hip to be a square" idea. Just the right amount. :-)
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