No one is pulling right hooks in this mess!
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Which GOP Congressmen, Senators, and other political leaders joined the Democrats in asking for the resignation of Alberto Gonzales? Specific quotes and references would be great. Also, what argument would counter someone who believed the only reason the GOP would sign on board to the resignation ballet was because they felt it was "clearing" the "perceived" dirty ship so that a Rep. would be able to stay in the Whitehouse as opposed to the Republicans genuinely feeling that Gonzales should go for unethical behavior?

My father can't see past his political blindness to realize that both parties strike for the jugular when they see a wounded soldier on the other side.

Hes conviced that dems attack reps 10 fold to the amount the GOP attacks dems. This is simply not true.

Both parties are ready to pounce when they see an oppurtunity to belittle the other side and further their own "cause".

I just can't understand how anyone can be so pressed into the views of one party to think that "their" party's stance is always right.
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TPMmuckraker is a good source on Gonzales.

Here is a listing of D and R members who spoke against Gonzales compiled back in May 2007; Here is TPM's complete Gonzales archive.
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Not many Republican Senators and Representatives publicly called for his resignation. They're calling for Sen. Craig's resignation, by the way, in droves, which supports your "jugular" contention. Some Republicans have, after the fact, expressed satisfaction at the Gonzales resignation, including Olympia Snow, John Sununu, and Susan Collins. Tom Tancredo, a Republican presidential candidate, said (via Newsweek): “As one who called for Mr. Gonzales’s resignation months ago, I’m not shedding any tears over news of his departure. I hope that President Bush will take this opportunity to replace Mr. Gonzales with someone who will actually demonstrate a commitment to enforcing our laws.” I doubt if this will help you in your discussions with your father, because it reflects the attitude of conservative Republicans that Gonzales was not the right choice in the first place.
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Not many Republican Senators and Representatives publicly called for his resignation

On the TPM list linked by never used baby shoes, there are 17 Senators and Representatives, out of 250-odd Republicans, so, not many.
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well considering there are 49 republicans, 11 (more than 22% seems) like a lot to me
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