A little something after the cake, anyone?
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Looking for some great interracial bisexual porn on DVD.

I am looking for some good bisexual porn on DVD that fulfills any of the following requirements:

1. Features a thuggish, built black man, a white man and a white woman with natural red hair. Or some combination of those three things.

2. A lesbian/hetero/bi DVD with two woman, one of them with natural red hair and one without and a white man (and, if possible, an addition black man)

The key points that are needed, to summarize: 1. Red-Headed woman; 2. Built black man; 3. DVD; 4. Able to ship cross-country.

And what a birthday it is going to be!

If you know of places where I can find this, and you don't want to answer here, you can e-mail me.
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Your best bet for something like this is to find a good porn video website with a decent search engine -- I find ten.com the most useful for this -- and narrow it down that way. So, a quick search looking for a red head and interracial with a black man nets 19 videos, for example, a few of which are:

Hardcore Training 2
White Wife, Black Stud
Simon Wolf Uncensored: Dripping Wet Sex 6
Double Decker Sandwich 3
Black In The Saddle Again

You'll have to peek through these yourself to see if any of them fit your description. I find that things like "natural redhead" are pretty hard to select for and I left out films that had obvious non-natural redheads. Also, I have no idea where to buy any of this stuff, but good luck!
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sites such as www.videobox.com offer very reasonably priced downloads, with preview videos and text descriptions. you can download and burn the dvd yourself, or just find the dvd for purchase elsewhere.
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You might try going through the listings at blowfish, or even email them to ask.
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Sign up for Cheggit and search with the interracial and redhead tags, possibly the m/m/f tag as well. From just a quick browse of the results, you might like Vixen in Hellcats 11 or Candace Calibre in Black Dick in Daddy's Daughter 2. Both just m/f, alas.
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I think your best bet might be to find a red-headed pron actress you like (the rarest part of this equation), and then look through her work on one of those sites where you can see all the titles that I'm too lazy to find right now.

Blowfish is great, sure, but it isn't where I'd look for this kind of thing.
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Oh, btw, Katja Kassin (not sure if her hair is naturally red or not, but it's red) does interracial and group stuff. And Wantedlist.com is good for browsing for what you want. This?
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www.sugardvd.com works for us, but I'm not sure what sort of specific searches you might be able to do there.
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Also, I don't know if you are looking for porn where the men have sex with each other, but that's what 'bisexual' generally refers to. The female "bisexuality" is pretty much standard.
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if you have access to usenet, you might try asking at rec.arts.movies.erotica ... or at the rame.net forums
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