Great tool for converting all sorts of different video files?
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Great swiss-army-knife-type Windows app (preferably free) for resizing/downsampling/converting movie files from various formats?

We've got a bunch of video files (and will get a bunch more over time) in just about every format imaginable, in all sorts of different resolutions, at all sorts of different qualities/file sizes. I'm looking for a tool that will let me take them and convert them all (one-at-a-time is fine) to a standardized set of attributes yet to be determined (probably something like .mov, 320x200, filesize no greater than 10 mb - these are short, small films).

Is there such a thing, for Windows, freeware?
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Mediacoder does just this
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Don't know if this will exactly fit your needs, but I've used Pocket Divx Encoder for a while. It supports batch processes, fixed dimensions, and size.

Might be worth a look... and it's donationWare.
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Super? Not a fan of the GUI, but supports a lot of formats.
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"Windows Movie Maker" is included with XP, and it's actually quite good. (But it outputs as Windows Media Format, not as Quicktime MOV.)
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I've used tons of software that claims to convert between different codecs/resolutions, etc, like MediaCoder claims to, but they've all sucked. (Audio out of sync, video not playable, etc..)

If it doesn't work for you, try River Past Video Cleaner. It's the only software I could find that actually did what I wanted to. (1080p WMV -> 720p H.264)
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Super and DVDshrink were very helpful recently. Both free.
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I'll nth Super. It's free and just, well, super.
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gonna go with mplayer/mencoder. It's my video swiss army knife.
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