I need a bigger soupstrainer... STAT!
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Where can I find outrageous fake mustachios in Chicago?

Something like this would be ideal, but I can't seem to find that anywhere which could get it to me by Labor Day.

I've already thought of Uncle Fun. Who else might have fabulous fake furry facial fuzz?
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I'm in Seattle, but I noticed last week that the Walgreen's stores here have jumped the gun and now have Halloween costumes already...you might check there. TOO EARLY, Walgreen's, TOO EARLY!
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Party City and it looks like there is one in Chicago - 8141 South Cicero Chicago, IL 60652
Phone: (773) 582-5900
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Fantasy Headquarters at 4065 North Milwaukee probably has what you need.
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Wink's got it. Check out these whiskers.
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Oh yeah . . . check this out.
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The Boring Store?
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Last year when visiting friends in Chicago we found a packet of various silly fake mustaches at Urban Outfitter on North Rush. Everyone wore a different one to a party. Since their novelty items seem to change frequently, I wonder if they still carry them.
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Thank you designbot for pointing out the Boring Store. That place looks fantastic. I think I'll stop by there this weekend!
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Good luck and experiences with Broadway Costumes, and Darling Wife says that they have that model on the floor.
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Great, thanks, everyone!
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Reading this question has brought cheer to my day.

I was at walmart yesterday, they seem to have Halloween stuff out already, including a severed arm "decoration" that someone had relocated to the frozen foods section in a way calculated for maximum shock value.
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Strange Cargo.
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