High-End Furniture Sales Job - take it or leave it?
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What are the job responsibilities of a high-end furniture sales rep?

My husband has the opportunity to accept a new job as a sales rep for a new high-end furniture company. This company is new and small and is still looking to define the job roles for its employees. This would be the job to sell the furniture to stores and designers, not to sell furniture in a store. I can't find any ads for this type of job after searching google. What would the typical responsibilities for this job entail? How much traveling, how much sitting in a office and calling, emailing, marketing, etc.? Anyone have any experience in the arena? FWIW - my husband currently works as a food sales rep selling food to restaurants for a distributor...
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My stepfather did this job for years. He mainly worked his local area and I remember he spent a lot of his time visiting small, independently owned shops (face to face sales). The rest of the time was in the office processing the paperwork for the sales. He later became a head of sales and oversaw the regional sales force.

He was a natural salesman and really loved his job. He also made a lot of money.
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