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Please recommend good cheap(er) Brio/Thomas-compatible train sets. Anyone bought from
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IKEA sells Brio-compatible train sets here in Denmark. I would guess they sell them all over. They are alright and much, much cheaper than the original ones.
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IKEA has some sets that are dirt cheap and compatible with the Thomas and Brio sets. They are no available on-line, but if you can get iover to Elizabeth, NJ, you can buy their entire line of expansion sets for under/around $50. They have a basic train set plus expansion sets with addl track pieces (y-intersections, x-intersections, tunnels, etc.).

My kid uses these tracks with his Thomas trains.
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Yep, the IKEA tracks work great with Thomas and Brio sets.
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Nearly six years ago we bought our son a basic 70-piece train set from Target for around $40.00. It survived him and his younger sister nearly unscathed. It's a lot like this one, but much less fancy, actually.
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that is very strange. the one and the Target one are both nearly identical to this one from Melissa and Doug that we got for our son. even the sample layout is the same...probably all made in china by the same folks. i actually did a lot of research about this, since he is obsessed with Thomas (I can actually sing you the theme song I've heard it so many times - "they're two they're four they're six they're eight," etc.).

we also have the IKEA ones, but they use plastic connectors as the "male" part on each piece of track instead of just one solid piece of wood. they don't get along super well with the Melissa and Doug tracks either - its kind of a struggle to get them to fit together, in my experience.
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If you've got a Freecycle board/chapter near you, post a request for Thomas/compatible trains on it. My wife did, and we got well over $100 worth of track and trains free for the picking up.
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