Couple buys couple a drink...
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Etiquettefilter -- So me and my girl were at a strip club...

...and another couple on the other side of the stage bought us a round of our drinks. We didn't know until the waitress brought the drinks to our table. We did not know the couple at all.

The question is - what was the appropriate response? Were we supposed to go over and sit with them? Buy them a drink in return? What?

As it was, we just went over and thanked them, chatted a moment, and came back to our table. But it'd be good to know for the next time.

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Thinking it was an invitation to swing.
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Why hello swingers! I think a simple acknowledgement is enough if you weren't "interested", which let's them know you're there for the show and not the afterparty.
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Best answer: OK, since I've never heard of a couple buying another couple (some completely innocent) drinks, I gotta ask -- were you and the drink-buying-couples the only (obvious) couples there? That would be instant camaraderie. "Oh honey, see, we're not weird! Another couple just entered..." This goes doubly if they're either exceptionally young or exceptionally old for the club's demographic.

If you weren't the only other couple there, I'm thinking they were swingers looking for an interested couple. So buying then a drink wouldn't've hurt too much, although it would have lead to plenty of potential miscommunication. I don't think you're required to sit unless you or your girlfriend decide you really like their company, because things would probably move quickly from "so, you like cats" to "so, you say your sex has gotten boring recently? rrreally..."
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Sit with them and get to know each other for the pre-gang-bang festivities. If you didn't want to party you could buy them a round of drinks in return with a no thanks note.
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Well, this applies to any bar really, but even more so in a strip club. If a random couple buys you a drink out of the blue, it's a good bet they're swingers.
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Best answer: What you did was perfectly fine. If they were trying to hook up with you, it was a pretty classy gesture on their part-- not just the drinks, but also just chatting with you, recognizing that you probably weren't interested, and letting it go.
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Best answer: All you really needed to do was raise a glass in thanks.

If you wanted to hang out with them, or possibly more, you could have bought them a round in return, and sent it over with a note inviting them to join you.
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Yes, this was clearly a proposition. Couples that go to strip clubs are much more likely (though not certain, of course) to be swingers than random couples on the street.
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Yes, the appropriate response is "Thank you for the drink. Would you like to tagteam my missus?"
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ottereroticist has it.
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Pretty much when everyone agrees, including "imaswinger" we have an answer.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone!
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